F-Style Oblong Cans

F-Style Oblong Cans are available for a wide variety of applications, including Vegetable and Olive Oils, Chemicals, Lubricants, Paint Thinners and Solvents, Charcoal Lighter Fluids, etc.

Special Features

  • Full lithography available for bodies and tops.
  • UN Certified specifications available in quart and gallon sizes.
  • Rigid metal handles available on gallon sizes.
  • Special promotional sizes in the gallon profile for both 4 liter and Imperial gallon are available.
  • Reshipper cartons are available by special request.

Nozzle / Flange

  • Gallon–Metal nozzles from 11/8” to 27/8” and flanges for 32mm DIN, 57mm and REL fittings.
  • Quart–Metal nozzles from 1” to 13/4”, metric flanges for 32mm DIN and REL, and flanges for Stull and Magenta fittings.
  • Pint–Metal nozzles from 1” to 11/4” and flanges for Stull and Magenta fittings.