Used throughout the world in an array of industries, the Cubitainer® offers many advantages. These include:

  • Cost efficient and eliminates the "sticker shock" resin pass-through price increases of rigid packaging.
  • For convenience and cost efficiency, Cubitainer® can use existing filling equipment.
  • Ability for end-user to break down used packaging reduces disposal costs, insert is completely recyclable and spent container alleviates worry about secondary use and liability exposure unlike rigid packaging.
  • Self-collapsing design: No need for troublesome or invasive dip tube technology that may only work intermittently. Cubitainer®, along with Cube® Process, technology is constantly moving forward and also includes these added features to accommodate the broadest possible range of applications:
  • Alternative resins, Cube® Insert treatments to contain a broad range of product contents.
  • Impressive range of corrugated options to meet any aesthetic or working environment demand.
  • Cube® Process offers unique customized design potential in a flexible package.
  • Use the Cube® Process to make open-head cups, inserts, and vessels to work in a multitude of applications where cost effective poly liners are needed.