Closures and Caps


Continuous Thread Caps

Continuous thread caps have an unbroken thread. They are often referred to as "screw caps".

63-S01 Buttress-Style Closures

Our buttress-style 63 mm closure is a proven performer in the Food Oil and Agricultural Chemical markets. Our styles consist of a standard weight and a heavy weight cap based on your specific needs.

Dispensing Closures

We stock many styles of dispensing closures for both liquid and dry dispensing. Including but not limited to disc top, flip top, and pump styles in assorted orifice openings. At convenient stock quantities and a network of special order capabilities we have an option or all of your dispensing needs!

Specialty Closures

Non-stock and specialty closures are available by special order! Working with one of the members our knowledgeable sales team we can find the perfect closure for your application! In a wide range of sizes, we determine the perfect closure for your end use regardless of style, color, lining material, venting, or custom printing!

Smooth Tops and Sides

Used primarily in the Personal Care/Cosmetics markets, these short-skirted closures feature the clean look of a smooth top and sides.

Spice Caps and Fitments

Used primarily in the spice market, these closures have a smooth top and inside stacking ring. All fitments are available lined with heat induction foils and many have a convenient "Lift to Pour" tab.